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Copyrighting your blog

I ought to start by claiming this isn’t intended to be legal advice just sharing what my research has discovered.

I have noticed a few blogs with copyright notices although I have no problem with people sharing my blog post I have put up several different snippets of book and although I know it’s not exactly Harry Potter I still wouldn’t want it pinched so I investigated!

There are a lot of myths around copyright from what I could discover it is fairly straight forward you mealy have to prove that you produced it first. Once you have committed your work to a fixed form eg writing it down then it is protected.

You can add the copyright mark to your work along with your name and the year. Eg ©Eric Klingenberg 2016. This doesn’t give you any more protection but will alert anyone thinking about stealing your work you know about copy write. To get the symbol on your keyboard hold down the alt key and press 184 on the number pad let go of the alt key and it should appear.

The other good news is your work is also protected by the Bern Convention in most other countries. There are exception to the copyright laws, for example if it’s used in a school or a review. There are other things you can do to protect your work for example if it is a book in America you can send a copy to the Congressional library.

So to recap your work is automatically protected but doesn’t hurt to add a copyright notice. Of course this works both ways others work is protected as well!

If you want to know more there are some very helpful government websites, just google it.

© Eric Klingenberg 2016 (but I will not sue if you re-blog me!)