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Some time back I wrote a blog article – 10 Things that Drive Me Crazy on Twitter. It’s been a while since I wrote that article. So much time has expired in fact that the article’s over on my old blog (and no longer discoverable). And while I stand by a lot of what I complained… er… wrote about in that article, I’m afraid I’m going to have to change my tune about a few of the items on the list of things that drive me crazy. Don’t get excited. I’m only talking about Twitter. There are still about a gazillion bajillion things about people, politics, and events that cause me to go coo coo for cocoa puffs (FYI: That’s a strict medical term).

Here are the three items that I’ve somewhat reluctantly changed my mind about:

  1. Hash tags. I ranted and raved about the overuse of hash tags in my previous article. Turns out hash tags are actually pretty helpful for finding out information on Twitter because we all know being on Twitter is Total. Information. Overload. Blink and all of a sudden there are at least 50 new tweets on your home page. I’ve even starting using hash tags as part of the title of my blog article. I’m a total convert or sell out – depending on how you look at things.
  2. Repetitiveness. Seriously, how can you not repeat yourself? There are like a <fill in word for number bigger than gazillion bajillion here> tweets every day. Yeah, don’t go overboard or anything, but there’s nothing wrong with repeating yourself every once in a while <gazillion bajillion notwithstanding>.
  3. Not following back. When I started with Twitter, I was completely and totally a follow back twitterer (is that a word?) Anyway, that’s no longer the case. It turns out there are tons of twitter accounts I don’t want to follow no matter what. Today, I saw a picture of a woman’s crown jewels as an account’s twitter profile picture. Um no, I don’t think that’s someone I want to follow. And no dude, I’m not interested in buying Twitter followers and I’m not even on Instagram.

Phew that’s only three out of ten items that I had to change my mind about. How about everyone else? Feel free to rant or rave about Twitter or any darn thing in the comments.