J.A. Stinger

Words Can Inspire The World

The Digital Quill’s Writing Tips – Inspiration is Everywhere #wrtr2wrtr #amwriting

Making sure you remain as much of a reader as a writer is a basic I am pretty sure you already have heard a thousand times! I wholeheartedly agree with this but I am a firm believer that you can find inspiration everywhere. Keeping your eyes open, not only for your surroundings, but also to what you might be watching or playing, can help inspiration so much.

Reading is very important no matter whether you are a writer or not, but what you choose to watch as movies or TV series can also have you engaged a lot and give you tons of ideas. Watching something doesn’t mean you are just passive as it can make you reflect on your own projects, whether fiction or nonfiction.

As we previously saw, having a genre or two of predilection can help you as a writer, and reading in those genres can fuel your inspiration. Yet, you probably enjoy other genres too, and curiosity about ones you normally wouldn’t be interested in can bring you other inspirations. Curiosity is a very strong aspect of how a writer can continue learning.

When at a roadblock, you might want to do something to clear your mind, whether it is taking a walk, meditating, or praying. I know that it has helped me especially as I relied on prayer more in the past years. The answer isn’t necessarily immediate, but it has helped me feel more at peace and obtain better direction, even if not the one I expected or wanted, and thus be more productive and quiet writer.

What about you?

  • Do you make sure to have time to read?
  • Do you often find (and seek) inspiration in other activities?
  • Can you come up with new ideas for inspiration sources?