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The Best Editing Trick I Ever Learnt

Editing is a bitch. I’ve written about the differences between editing and revising before. But my dear friend Ali recently taught me one of the best, most practically useful lessons I’ve ever learnt when it comes to editing.

See, for a long time, I wrote, linearly, and then when I finished, I went back to the start and edited.

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Tips on How to Work with an Editor | BookDaily #AuthorTips

The relationship between writer and editor is intimate. I’ve been on both sides, and in either role there are risks. For a writer, to ask for a critique of your work is to make yourself vulnerable—you are inviting someone to see what’s in your heart. However, when your work is published, you’ll be sharing your writing with a broader and often less gentle audience, so isn’t it better to first bare your soul to an ally who helps you present your strongest work?

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Copyediting: When Little Changes Matter — Guest: Misti Wolanski

I’ve spoken before about the different types of editors. Each type of editor and/or editing pass helps us strengthen a different aspect of our work: the storytelling, the writing itself, and the grammar of our sentences.

As a developmental editor, I focus a lot on the storytelling aspect of writing craft in my posts here: character arcs, plots and subplots, stakes and motivations, etc. But any peek at Amazon reviews reveals that the common “needs editing” complaint usually refers to copyediting.

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How To Edit Your Book In 5 Easy Steps

You’ve written “The End” either on the page or in your mind. Are you feeling a euphoric sense of relief and accomplishment? Or a sinking feeling of despair because the worst is yet to come—the dreaded edits! If the second describes your feelings about reaching the last page, then you have a lot of company, myself included.

I’m having people over to my house tomorrow night to play bridge. No need to worry about things they’d never see, right? It occurred to me that the tasks of editing my novel and cleaning my house have a lot in common, a rather discouraging realization since I hate cleaning.

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