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To promote or not, that is the great dilemma. If you are an author, you have to promote your book or no one will know it is there. Besides, even if you are traditionally published you are expected to promote your book. If you ask me, promoting is the least fun thing you do as an author. After all, you want to move on into your next book, not spend hours convincing people that they should buy your book.

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How To Identify (And Focus On) Your Promotional Strengths #AmWriting

Your dreams of being a successful, published writer probably didn’t include visions of pounding the pavement and sending out email blasts, trying to sell your book. But whether you’re traditionally published or self-published, doing your own marketing is the new reality. The trick is to find out what you’re good at (and what you’re not!) when coming up with a marketing strategy.

So, what are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to promoting your book?

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#BookPromotion: 10 Ways to Build Your #Author Mailing List without Paying for Facebook Advertising

One of the hottest topics in book promotion right now is the use of strategic Facebook advertising to build your author mailing list. While this has proven a hugely successful technique for some self-published authors, such as Mark Dawson, whose highly-regarded course helps other authors emulate his success, it’s by no means a one-size-fits-all solution.

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The 18 Responses You Need For Content To Go Viral

Content that elicits extreme positive or negative emotions gets your audience's attention. Once you have their attention, it is easier to get them to share.

According to an article in Inc. there is a way to create content that goes viral. Devra Prywes, from Unruly, an ad tech company that gets videos watched, tracked and shared, says that these are the 18 emotional responses you should aim for, remembering that the positive responses encourage people to share more on social media than the negative emotions. 

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Emotional Toughness—How Haters & Hurt Feelings Can Be GOOD for Us

Yesterday I reposted an old blog addressing how I feel PC and EC (Emotional Correctness) has gone more than a little crazy and often has done more to alienate people than to bind them. The thread had some really wonderful and thoughtful commentary. Not everyone wholly agreed on everything but everyone seemed to strive to be thoughtful and kind. THANK YOU, btw.

But some of the commentary about aggression and hurt feelings got me thinking about how we have become as a culture. Are we becoming too sheltered? Is it doing more harm than good?

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10 Tips for Making #Tumblr Work for #Writers — Guest: Davonne Burns

As writers, we’re always struggling to find enough time for writing, editing, marketing (not to mention needing time for life in general). So whenever we hear about a social media site that we’re not on yet, we’re likely to say, “Not another one!” *smile*

But the truth is that every social media platform is different. They each attract a different user base and have different strengths and weaknesses.

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Are you using Facebook’s Author App? by Mae Clair (@MaeClair1)

Written by: Mae Clair
Source: https://maeclair.net/2016/05/26/are-you-using-facebooks-author-app-by-mae-clair/

I’m not usually a big fan of Facebook. Especially since the only way to realize any true benefit there as an author is to shell out $$$….but when I have paid for boosts or ads, I’ve always had good results. (Note to self: continue to use FB for ads).

On a side note—before I get to the main topic—if you are paying for boosts, make sure your next several posts don’t require a large reach. Rumor has it FB holds those posts back with the philosophy if you’ve paid once, you’ll pay again. Eventually, things will even out, but the posts that immediately follow any kind of paid ad or boost generally reach less of your fans. Time for filler and fluff.

But enough with FB bashing. I’m here to say they’ve done something pretty awesome for authors. Thanks to my dear friend Sandra Cox, I’ve discovered the Author App. Sandra has a fun website with daily posts that are sure to make you grin. She’s also got a wonderful collection of novels and novellas that range from mutants and vampires to cats, flower gardens and more. While you’re roaming the blogosphere, pop over and say hello.

And now back to the reason for this post:

I’m know I’m probably behind the times since Facebook and I co-exist as frenemies, but I wanted to share the Author App in the event some of you aren’t familiar with it either

It’s easy to install on your author page.

  • Click the link (provided below)
  • Select your page
  • Go to the app (it will most likely appear under the “More” tab at this point)
  • Add your profile
  • Add books
  • You can even add information on upcoming book signings!

The screenshot above was captured from the app on my page.

Pretty nifty, huh? Each book gets its own little section, and the best part is all you have to do is add the AISN or ISBN and the app automatically grabs the related content. You can also arrange what order you want your books listed.

I did discover, however, that the app doesn’t like apostrophes or italics (basically anything that isn’t HTML compliant).

After my books uploaded, I went back and edited all of the apostrophes getting rid of the gobbly-gook. Now I’ve got a neatly streamlined page with books, purchase links, and star ratings. I added all seven of my novels, then rearranged the tabs on my author page so that the Author App is visible without click “more.”

See the Author App tab above? If you’d like to see how the whole thing works, visit my page and click on the Author App tab for the full effect of how your books appear. You also get an author profile. You can find my page at https://www.facebook.com/maeclairauthor/

If you haven’t visited my page before, I’d also be grateful for a “like.” If you include the link to your page in the comments below, I will return the favor!

The whole thing is pretty cool, don’t you think? So where exactly can you get this awesome app? Just click this link, and you’ll be set to go: https://apps.facebook.com/authorapp/

Thanks again to Sandra Cox for sharing this with me. Authors, were you familiar with this app?


Some time back I wrote a blog article – 10 Things that Drive Me Crazy on Twitter. It’s been a while since I wrote that article. So much time has expired in fact that the article’s over on my old blog (and no longer discoverable). And while I stand by a lot of what I complained… er… wrote about in that article, I’m afraid I’m going to have to change my tune about a few of the items on the list of things that drive me crazy. Don’t get excited. I’m only talking about Twitter. There are still about a gazillion bajillion things about people, politics, and events that cause me to go coo coo for cocoa puffs (FYI: That’s a strict medical term).

Here are the three items that I’ve somewhat reluctantly changed my mind about:

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Author Brand Building

In the age of self-published authors, where books are everywhere, no time is too early to start thinking about how to promote ourselves. Even if some fancy-shmancy publishing house scoops up your manuscript like the diamond in the rough it is, they’ll want to know how YOU’RE planning to contribute to the marketing.

That’s why it’s so important to build a following of people who TRUST us . . . who feel like they know us.

Blogs are a part of that. The way we present ourselves as authors is a part of that. Book covers, author tag-lines, and an easily recognizable brand are parts of that too.

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11 Author Website Must Have Elements

An author website has a lofty goal: it needs to not just be, but also needs toperform and respond.

No longer just a fancy, static, online business card, it is an author’s ‘homebase‘, a marketing and networking hub and a portal that allows communication to flow between an author and his or her readers.

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Why (and How) Writers Should Use Pinterest

Pinterest tends to be one of the last social media tools that authors use for their writing purposes. Many writers may be using Pinterest to store pretty pictures and dare I say it, even to procrastinate! Pinterest is much more than just a place to find and categorize inspiration photos for your kids birthday parties or your home. It can be a good inspiration tool for your books, an excellent promotion tool and of course, a good selling tool.

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