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To promote or not, that is the great dilemma. If you are an author, you have to promote your book or no one will know it is there. Besides, even if you are traditionally published you are expected to promote your book. If you ask me, promoting is the least fun thing you do as an author. After all, you want to move on into your next book, not spend hours convincing people that they should buy your book.

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Book Promo Sites: How long do they work?

As the IU minions sat around the gruel pot and discussed various promo sites, a trend seemed to present itself: almost everyone has seen a reduction in the effectiveness of these sites in the past year.  Because of that, I’ve decided to be a little more open than I usually am regarding book sales and advertisements. This isn’t a humble brag, like people who drop into discussion boards and say, “Gee, my book has been out for two days already and I’ve only sold 325,957 copies. Am I doing okay?” Don’t you just want to throw something? On the flip side, it’s also not a whine or a whinge.

Instead, it’s a look at the effectiveness of various ad sites over time in my experience. The scant numbers I put forth here are scientifically negligible, but I do wonder if others see it, too.

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BookFunnel: Low-Cost Ebook Giveaway Hosting

October, 2015 closed on a sad note when former go-to ebook promo site The Midlistsold out to trad publisher HarperCollins and closed its doors to self-pubbers.

Mind you, owners of The Midlist can do whatever they want. They took the risk, they put up the money, they developed their lists – quite successfully – and they deserve to reap the benefits of their hard work. No doubt about it. So self publishers lost an important, valuable promotional tool in an industry where we have few enough options? Oh well.

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